My top new year solution for 2016

I want my resolutions to be spiritually based next year. So I have decided that I am going to create Christmas resolutions instead of New Year resolutions. Maybe that will help me stick to them longer! All kidding aside, I am tired of creating resolutions that sound good over a cocktail during a New Year’s Eve party but don’t really help increase meaning or financial freedom in my life.

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Why so rare in up-keeping our top resolution? Because many year end resolutions are made as a cultural custom—it’s what we “do” every year at this time. And for the majority, the custom of breaking a resolution is as strong a part of the tradition as making it.

When we made our weight loss resolutions, we knew we had to start or maybe even start again. Sometimes we don’t know quite where, we just know we have to start.

Most of my resolutions always seem to be ego driven. If I am honest, losing twenty pounds has nothing to do with increasing meaning in my life but instead it is about me wanting to get compliments from others or to be judged better by them. What is funny is that I am catering to what I think that others will feel when they see me. Most people are too busy thinking the about their own wants to truly notice any changes that I make.

The correct resolutions when confronted by our fears and shortcomings only aid in accentuating our greatest nightmares. Sometimes it takes a dare devil attitude to just do it and let hell come forth. Nothing helps than being frank and brutal about out situations and when hell comes loose, we just need to confront the problems as opportunities that came down earlier like manna from heaven or forever close out mind and our mouth forever. Just go sleeping our lives away!

I have had enough of resolutions I can’t keep. So I’m taking a stand. This January 1 begins the dawn of a new age the age of the attainable resolution. Are you with me.

Start your journey to wealth, health and happiness by defining them and stop thinking, meditating and talking about it, Just do it. It doesn’t have to be 1st January as it’s a life long journey and it can start today, tomorrow or that damn date. Who cares but you anyway, but just start, just start and tell me about it not end of 2016 but every month and that’s to ensure you are reminded of your promise and what actions or no actions you have taken to improve yourself.   

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