2017 Tips on making new year resolutions that work

Well, that 2016 went by quickly and somewhat dangerously.  Now with 2017 readying for us in the coming days. Health enthusiasts across the country are in the midst of this holiday season making preparation the new plans for the year.

And, yes, it is deva-ju time to start the making resolution thing over again


Recent news reports tell us that less than 1/10 of people who make New Year’ resolutions actually succeed. Though this is not exactly earth shattering news nor suprising—most of us are after all, being faithful to insanity, being habitual good or bad and always repeating the same actions but expecting a new result.

But like me, and you want to start doing the best ways to do this resolution exercise, consider the follow tips that will or might even change your life perspective and hopefully a better future for your small business instead.

Firmly decide that 2017 will forever be known as the year you established a good new year resolution wishes. You can do it in 4 proven steps.

  1. Know your own health goals

Goals ought to be modest, clear, require several actions and allows for zig-zags and ups and downs, easy and less than 4 and personalized. Any more is formula for super beings who like Huckleberry Finns says keep it simple, we don’t need more than our hands to count. Now with that number one done, you are done the easiest tip on resolutions making that will work for  you.

2.   Establish your own health indicators

In other words the goals must be observable, not so unseen or wishy-washy improvements. That way you can chart your progress and that will lead to other improvements in relation to this. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It must begin with planning, quarrying stone and building the foundations, structures before finally the roads in that order.

3.   Maintain a Good Charting records

Success begins to flow when the basics of history charts are done correction. This is vital for future management and maintenance. Besides the charts serve as measurement to ensure plans and progress proceed in accordance to original wishes.

4.   Know Your  Results and Review them oftern

When the proper records stop, we can begin the analysis of how and where our training has done for us. It allows us to refer history and review and compare if we are progressing in the right direction and timing. Thus effectiveness of our program can be in order so that we achieve our final objectives.

We’re grateful that you’re joining us in that keeping fit, and wish nothing but the best for your and yours as 2017 unfolds. Happy New Year.

Money equal happiness: How money works

People love money. But, people love easy money even more as money equals happiness says it all. As you grow older and start thinking about taking an early retirement, you naturally begin to wonder if you will be able to afford it. After all, you need money to live, money is life, and enjoy the comforts to which you have become accustomed. But, where will that money come from? Do you have a way to generate income? Even better, do you have a way to generate a passive income without putting a lot of effort into it? Besides money, remember health is more important, this is how to correctly choosing the right exercise equipment, click here for FREE e-book

If you are searching for a simple way to draw in more wealth and money into your life, start by obtaining a money plant tree. This attractive indoor plant is commonly used as a Feng Shui tool to assist with personal finance. The way it looks has special significance and is great in any area of the home or business. It also goes by its botanical name ‘pachira acquatica’ and is actually not naturally shaped the way it is. This particular plant is a combination of several plants with intertwined stems that look like they have been braided. It had been first created in the 1980’s and grew in popularity internationally for its symbolism of the five elements in Feng Shui.

The most effective places for the money tree are areas that have anything to do with money or wealth. For example in a home, the desired spot for this plant is near a safe deposit box. Businesses would benefit from having this plant near its cash register. A particular room in a home that may need a money tree is the home office. It is where you conduct business so it definitely doesn’t hurt to have an abundance of funds in this particular area. Money trees are wonderful gifts for anyone who is starting a brand new business.

These plants are relatively easy to care for. They can grow to 7 inches and have an incredibly long lifespan. Regular watering and a little bit of sunlight is all that is needed to take care of them. Direct sun exposure is bad, since it will dry out the leaves so keep them in areas with dim lighting. Water the money trees just enough each time and let the soil dry out before watering again. Excessive water will cause the leaves to brown and fall off. Avoid misting the leaves directly as that causes the leaves to fall out as well. With the proper care and right location, these plants are likely to be just what you need to generate the type of success you have been hoping for.   

Money management way to personal financial freedom

If we all had the money making skills, talent, perseverance the mindset and the ambition and everything else it takes to be rich we could all be rich, what a wonderful dream that is and yet we have not all chosen that path and that is where many people have a feeling of scarcity of money in their life. Besides money, remember health is more important, this is how to correctly choosing the right exercise equipment, click here for FREE e-book.

Proper financial management reduces wasteful spending, but it also increases financial organization. Eliminating overdrafts and late fees, frees up household funds for the occasional splurge. Good budgeting can’t be successful if everyone involved always feels deprived.

Once you have more money than you need to keep body and soul together (or whatever your life style is), you have investment capital. Then you must use some spare time to manage that investment capital for maximum Return On Investment (ROI) during the rest of your earning life, constantly (or periodically) adjusting the balance between the time you spend earning money, and the time you spend managing the money you continue to invest.

Now, your risk of losing everything can never be completely 100% eliminated, even with conservative strategies. If you flip enough coins, eventually you’ll get a very rare event such as 100 heads in a row. However, you’ll also get 100 tails in a row. The idea is that you have a strategy that yields you more when you win, and/or wins more than it loses. in this case there will be several losses in a row, but there will also be several wins in a row. If you manage your money properly, you will still have enough money if you get several losses in a row, to be able to more than make up for it when you get several wins in a row. If you are forced to limit the amount of capital after so many losses, that you cannot invest with the same amount after the losses, you may be unable to win enough to make up for those losses. The idea is to keep your investments small enough to limit the chances of that happening. Although almost nothing is a sure thing, by using proper money management, you tip the odds in your favor.

When you take out a consolidation loan you can make financial management far easier, and this can make a big difference in many ways. You can reduce the amount that you are paying out each month by replacing a range of higher interest debts with one low interest loan, and you will find that budgeting is less stressful and less time consuming, as you will only have one loan and one creditor to deal with. You use your personal finance consolidation loan to pay off your smaller, more expensive debts, thus streamlining your finances.

Conclusion: Scarcity of money starts in the mind and manifest in your reality because of the thinking you were introduce to and you can recreate a new pattern of thinking now.   

Personal finance for your retirement

Everybody should handle his or her personal finance with planning, especially retirement planning; it will be very helpful from a single person to a family. Most people receive a payment weekly or bi weekly from a job or business and then pay their bills every month. There are many types of expenses such as food, gas, cars, rental, mortgage payment, utilities, entertainment, medical, insurances, clothing, phone, internet, credit cards, and others. People will need to pay attention to the incomes and expenses to try to keep their total of the expenses below their incomes, or their income actually covering the expenses. You should review the personal finance at least once a month. Besides finance the next important subject is health, this is how to correctly choosing the right exercise equipment, click here for FREE e-book.

The bottom line is personal finance has become more complicated. Teaching them age appropriate lessons now could save them from the pitfalls of the next inevitable recession. It may be a good idea to take your children to a local bank or financial lending institution with you the next time you go. This will provide them with a one on one banking experience so they can better inform themselves for their first loan. Teaching them about finances while they are still young is the best way to ensure that children become financially responsible adults.

It is never too early to teach kids about personal finance tips. Many elementary schools are coaching children about money. They encourage students to set up a store of their choice and allow them to ‘do business’ with one another. Fake money and creative imaginations have gone a long way. These children see the results of how quickly their fake money disappears from spending too much or from making bad business choices. In kindergarten, these lessons begin by teaching needs versus wants.

In today’s financial climate, personal fiscal responsibility is more important than ever. Knowing how much money you have, the liquidity of your assets and being able to successfully manage you assets is essential. However, it seems that these are not skills that our educational institutions place much value upon. While math and science courses are staples and graduation requirements in our high school curricula, arguably more applicable personal finance software or courses are not. Perhaps that is why many students are feeling increasingly unprepared to make the crucial financial decisions that they face upon graduation. A key aspect of understanding personal finance is comprehending the basics of accounting. Therefore, it is my opinion that at least one basic accounting course should be a requirement for all high school students. Below I will briefly outline several basic concepts that should help give interested readers an overview of accounting.

After doing this, your personal finance news become relatively simple. The hardest part is sticking with the list and making sure everything that is considered a necessity is met. After one has an understanding of their monthly needs versus their monthly income, he or she should also add an amount of savings to the list that contains the must pay bills.   

What To Look For In Health Cover

Health insurance really saves your money. In case, if you met with an accident or you suffer from severe attack. That time you may not in the position to spend that much of amount. But if you applied for a health insurance, it may saves your money otherwise you can claim for the amount that you had spent. In some cases they may not take into account about insurance that time you may spend your money and later you can claim for the amount you spend by providing proper documents and you can reimburse the amount you spend on it, if it’s reasonable according to the instructions.

Your health insurance cover-age costs could definitely often be cheaper when you are in best shape. Therefore, your best option to avoid an improvement in a person’s cost of health and wellness insurance has been to be as healthy and often be. Usually, eating perfect and exercising moves the distance towards acquiring this intention.

Health insurance policies cover the cost of medical treatments. Dental insurance, like medical insurance, protects policyholders for dental costs. In most developed countries, all citizens receive some health cover-age from their governments, paid for by taxation. In most countries, health insurance is often part of an employer’s benefits.

Each health insurance company has its own set of policies and procedures. If you have a large claim, you will want to review the rules especially carefully. Many claims are denied over a simple technicality. Knowing the process is likely to help you make sure your claim does not get denied.

Each health insurance company has its own set of policies and procedures. If you have a large claim, you will want to review the rules especially carefully. Many claims are denied over a simple technicality. Knowing the process is likely to help you make sure your claim does not get denied.

When buying health insurance, make sure your children are covered, as well. Children can be afflicted with medical issues that can be exorbitant in price, and health insurance can make the cost much more manageable. To fully provide for your children’s needs, you will need good health insurance for them.

In the world of health insurance, a plethora of choices await you. Before signing an insurance policy, do enough research so that you’re sure you are getting the right plan at the best value. Do not make any decisions until you have a strong grasp of the subject.

When considering a health insurance policy, you need to look at the level of coverage offered. There is a wide range of things that can be covered with a policy including: medical, dental, vision and maternity. Comprehensive coverage includes all of these factors, but you should seek to build a policy that includes only what you anticipate you and your dependents will need.

Another option for cheap health insurance is to look on the internet. There are lot of companies that offers different type of health insurance plans. It is possible to find out the perfect for your family. The costs vary from one to other, so it’s in your hand to verify about it and choose a better company among others. Any way health insurance safeguards your family from the expenses that you spend for your health.   

How Your Daily Exercise Requirements Can Re Energize Your Health

One should not hold the thought that daily exercise is only for the fanatics or charlatans of prophesying that health is the prerequisite of the serious gym practitioners. In reality, it is furthest from the truth as we need to move our muscles, both in relaxation and tensions and even to point of pushing to extreme limits in order to realize the importance of good health. To be able to walk is pre-requisite to performing simple daily tasks to communicate and make it happen whether in the office, homes or even factories. It will not help anyone if one’s constantly in sick bay or having splitting headaches and not focused on the work at hand. It takes a team, several hands in order to function in the work place and missing a single person due to health is sometimes impractical to deliver the basic of satisfaction to the end customer.
Daily exercise workouts be it in walking, swimming or even simple jogs requires efforts in building up stamina, ever improving strength and subsequent reduction of illness and ill-health. It helps the individual, extends to the work place and home and ultimately the well-being of the community as inter-dependence is state of world today.
The truth in the matter, is that it will take HARD WORK. All those beautiful people you see in magazines, tv or in movies are so fit and healthy because of daily workout exercise and healthy eating habits. If you want to lose that beer belly, you would think you would do the same thing they are? Duh, it won’t be easy, but in the end it does not have to be hard to do. Most people who are trying to get rid of their beer belly will take up running or do crunches. You would think this would make sense. Running will contribute to losing calories but doing sit ups and crunches will only strengthen your muscles, not get rid of your gut. Doing only sit ups and crunches can only achieve nice toned muscles UNDER your beer belly.
Daily exercise routines should be the norm as mere discipline and self-satisfaction will prevail to ensure we achieve both body and aesthetic praise all around from our loved ones and friends. Without it, our health and hence pride is prone to suffer let alone our financial upkeep and subsequently relationships or disaster comes in waiting in the dark corners due to our laziness and stupidity.

Workout Fitness Goals

Good Workout Plan requires a goal- what you do want?

Whatever workout fitness goals you want dictates the plan, diet and attention in order to fulfil all expectations. Various fitness programmes and equipment are easily available depend on your decision on cost, effectiveness and time.

In general, the work out exercise goals can be to lose weights, build body or endurance and stamina. The next area of focus will be which part of your body needs working on, for example, limbs, stomach, heart circulatory system etc.

Later, you can begin to construct a personal daily exercise routine, preferable with your doctor, fitness guru or well-informed health practitioners, for work out routines specifying the type of exercise, equipment and intensity of sessions including the days required in order to remind, reflect the progress and gives encouragement to sustain the required health goals.

If the preference is in building muscles fast, then weights and endurance training can be paired in activities that strengthen and develop particular tissues for the stomach or arms. Sometimes flexibility exercises can be selected as this offsets tightness and stiffness due to advancing age and poor postures.

Workout Fitness Goals

Workout Fitness Goals

One must bear in mind that a well designed good workout plans involve frequent long sessions of rhythmic and repetitive sometimes strenuous exercises pushing beyond in order to challenge your body and organs especially the heart, mind and muscles.
Whatever your workout fitness goals might be, always take precautionary checkups to avoid exacerbating or prolonged conditions. It is good to have an exercise log book to chart current conditions and progressive achievements along the way not just for recording but to motivate and challenge one to adhere to the planned goals. And if the goal is achieved, to allow a plan for next level up as this keeps the momentum whilst avoiding boredom and stagnating physical fitness.

To successful carrying out your workout fitness program, having a plan of action and having the pre-requisite necessary support functions of family members, dietary supplements and the commitment to put in time, hard grunt work and mental stamina of never give up until mission complete are all great ingredients to personal health success.
The following website workout fitness program offers an abundance of exercise suggestions in order to improve one’s knowledge towards achieving your exercise goals and perfect health. To complete your intentions of good health, it is important to back up with useful research and wisdom by other gurus and leave with a sense of purpose and well-informed attitude towards your exercise goals.

My Fitness Routine + Healthy Food Ideas!


Health first-Buy your health insurance

Put health first over exercise Program

To us, health first is the first thing to come to mind when we think of purpose of exercise. We see the benefits of a higher quality of life when we are better in shape if we take care of our body, mind and soul.
It’s true we can perform flexibility, strength and endurance and take pride in enjoying the fullest of life events and activities. However the eventual reality is we want to prolong our existence to enjoy that privilege. That is in case we are unluckily to be struck down by a disease, workout accidents or even diet related ailments. And the first thing we need is to insure that, hence the need for health insurance.

health first

health first

It’s the creation of the “certainty” of being able to enjoy that better quality of life or even to survive that is more of concern. We don’t like to be pessimistic about life but reality checking is what we need to make certain for life and the future. Do that health insurance first, and then we are ready and are fully prepared for any eventuality in life, whatever and whenever it comes after.
Common sense dictates we need to place emphasis on our holistic health placing attention to our lifestyle, diet and exercise program in order to achieve personal health care to the fullest.
Yes we still need have to do the calorific checks, daily 15 mins workouts whether in our home gym or at the nearby country club gym, take precautions to avoid toxins, undue stress elimination and whatever necessary that constituted our notion of what’s good for our health concerns.
To accentuate the need for health first through insurance, take a walk in hospital wards, see a friend or relative of the terminally ill or even remember a time in your life when you were helpless in your childhood life. A time when you had a sprain, a broken bone that you were at the complete mercy of your mother, a care taker and that should make you aware that life is not to be taken for granted.
Be smart, take heed that health first by buying health insurance first and then you can begin your exercise regime with no qualms or regrets and look forward to life with a sure preparedness; no matter what comes. Life is health first when you are insured, you are ready to go anytime, and ready having peace of mind, today and forever.

Some health first related videos for reference


Fitness anytime: The Secret to Live Strong forever

For fitness anytime: Secret on how to stop lying about your lifestyle gym

For beginners or advanced health enthusiasts alike desiring permanent healthy lives or fitness anytime, “The Science of Being Well” by Wallace D Wattles is a classic powerful book.

fitness anytime

fitness anytime

Though written in 1900’s literary style, it promotes the mindset of basic philosophy of living life to the fullest. The words used are simple yet long winded and espouses that one has to take responsibility to be self-healthy. The book not only talks on physical aspects of getting fit but adds some sprinkling of spirituality and self-beliefs for enhancing the purpose of the human psyche.
It advises for fitness anytime anywhere one must simply do the best as capable for the basic human functions of drinking, eating, breathing and sleeping well. It’s that philosophy that underlines the need to ensure the body functions are perfect whether it chews, moves and absorbs the food, air and liquids we take. Once that is taken cared off, the body is then capable of regeneration, energised and primed for starting the day in positive territory.
The other important aspect of mental preparation consists of an attitude of gratefulness towards the beauty and wonder of the body, the food and the world in which it interacts. When the joy and appreciation of the simplest sip of life giving water, which eases motion and cleansing, and morsel of food on the table providing nourishment, energy, renewal and tastes. The gratefulness extends to thoughts of positive nature towards the people around us, acts of nature such as rain, sunshine or wind moves us to the point of joy and thankfulness.
Both the above, that is, physical body functions and positive mind thoughts, work in harmony and synergy to render health and serve the basic foundation for lifestyle family fitness, everywhere. Waking up each morning, such practical mind and body interactions attract health, healing every disease and participation in life in all activities that only can result in fitness anytime, anywhere. This is where a healthy lifestyle program meets a classic book of brilliant yet simple ideas worth sharing and most of all, take action or it goes to waste as if we never met, learnt and lived life to the fullest.

For good sources of lifestyle family fitness info on how to live strong and bristles with life-inspiring story like Lance Armstrong can be found for achieving fitness anytime on the internet such as www.fitnessanywhere.com and www.livestrong.com. You can get a free copy of the above book from www.thescienceofbeingwell.net.
Here’s 2 youtube videos on fitness anytime

Health Tip: Brain Wave Vibration for health improvement

In doing research sometimes we come across simple yet effective health tips for improving body-mind healing and this time we have discovered a great gem. This refers to Brain Wave Vibration, a technique pioneered by Iichi Lee, a Korean, and founder of the International Brain Education Association and winner of various awards, that has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands across many countries. It’s the wave sweeping the world with home exercises that combine ancient healing traditional practices augmented with modern scientific understanding of the role of the human brain.

Brain wave vibration

Brain Wave Vibration www.homegym-bar.com


Ilchi Lee preaches this simple truth through his book, “Brain Wave Vibration”, and says it’s time to go back to basics natural therapy. It’s a call to action, to uncover the vast possibilities of the human brain and provided anecdotes of world-wide participants who experienced quick relief from high stress, high blood pressure, constant and persistent headaches, fibromyalgia, lethargy, ill health and lack of focus.  To get this book, “Brain Wave Vibration” <click here> and get this modern marvelous benefits health improvement program today!

It is about easy-to-follow physical exercises you can perform anytime, anywhere, especially in homegym or training space. It can be performed standing up, lying down or even at working station or watching television. People of various health ailments and conditions are able to perform these health improvement exercises as it doesn’t involve any particular gym equipment e.g. gym bar but your own body and your own time. It involves holistic body-brain healing methodology that will bring both into balance for inner peace, higher energy and ultimately health and happiness.

It’s about moving and shaking your body in according to its internal rhythm and includes achieving and then slowing down the motions, increasing the awareness of energy, feelings and at same time activating the senses thru-out the entire person.

It takes a few minutes involving a few exercise techniques and the following is a good example of it.

These home exercises are enhanced thru music, preferably rhythmic and heavy drum beats and an environment of quietness and relaxation. The keyword is learning how to move your body to an internal natural rhythm in order to slow down and then unleash your body’s internal healing mechanism to do what it does best.

The end results will be as follow:

  • Increased personal vitality
  • Managed stress
  • Stimulate own natural healing powers
  • Awareness of own energy
  • Awaken creative potential
  • Better health,
  • Higher energies

More info and ideas can be gotten from the following sites and videos