Home Exercise Equipment Things You Must Know

How To Choose The Best Home Exercise Equipment For You

For any exercise buff, the best home exercise equipment is going to be workout machine that you actually use every day.  If you’re new, out of shape and are just starting out, choosing from a variety of gym equipment will be confusing to decide and making it grow with you as you embark on this great journey for better health and mind.

The best home exercise equipment must meet your fitness goal and choose well here, whether it’s weight loss, muscle bulking, general fitness or endurance or just remedial therapy.

home exercise equipment

home exercise equipment

An advanced stepper may be more than you’re ready to handle.  A treadmill might be easier but if you have knee and ankle problems (as does many overweight people) then an elliptical machine may be better since it causes no impact.  An important consideration before purchasing is get good salesperson’s advice for making decision on the right home exercise machine for you. You should try out this large exercise equipment in the store first before purchase.

If you’re new to lifting weights, begin with lighter weights and smaller increments so you can build up without side injuries and yet upkeep your fitness momentum. Remember you can always add more free weights as your fitness level increases so that your initial outlay is kept low.

Exercise Bike are good choices for home exercise being low impact for your joints.  A popular fitness trend is now stationary bikes which like the elliptical is great workout if you have bad knee. If you hate walking on a treadmill but love biking, a stationary bike is going to be better.

If the workout area is not fitting in your home and requires you to move or alter your movements, then it might not be the exercise equipment for you.  A bench, exercise balls, exercise rope, exercise bands and using free weights should use less space than an entire work station and just as effective if used properly.

The best advice when purchasing the right home exercise equipment for you is to decide what your primary workout fitness goal, then take the time to shop and compare prices and functions and being realistic and practical. The equipment should fit your budget and home and of course, meet your workout expectations and future needs since you will be regularly be using it in times of stress, fun and most of all enjoying good health right inside your home gymnasium.

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Portable fitness equipment

Let portable fitness equipment keeps you healthy when travelling

Portable fitness equipment for whether you are on a trip for fun or business helps to keep your health programs ongoing. Being away from your home gym or club should not an excuse and deter you from keeping fit. However weight, space availability and sometimes security concerns should be considered before packing in your luggage and begin your journey.

Whilst you cannot carry too big or heavy items like dumbbells, sandbags or kegs or exercise bike, there’s still plenty of stuff portable yet effective to exercise and maintain your health goals.

Basic equipment such as a pair of sneakers is just as important. With those, one can begin a simple case of walking, hiking or even a quick run anywhere along nature trails or park. Of course if you need to rest and recuperate, a foldable yoga mat is preferable coupled with music, videos using a portable headphone and smart phone. Sometimes where available, a swimming trunk and caps might come in handy to help cool down or just plain lazing about after a strenuous workout.

Small weights and rubber exercise or resistance bands are equally carry-capable items, though, for flight restrictions it is important to check for security clearance. Never underestimate its usefulness when considering a nice workout after a long day in the office.

Sometimes if possible a 12” wobble board and or a skip rope can be quite a handy equipment for a good workout. Simple yet effective enough for quick warm-ups or longer endurance workouts.

portable fitness equipment

portable fitness equipment-slant board

The best equipment you possessed inherently is your feet. Whether you are a walker or a marathon runner, you can easily find time and place to start your fat-burning quest. Be it at the beach, jog along the main and back streets or even a jungle trail, it is a marvellous feeling and joy to stretch, enjoy the view and smell that journey along the way.

Don’t forget the laptop or smart phone; it helps to share your fitness program progress, the equipment, the new sights and environment wherever you are now. That is besides updating your health logs, an avenue to find the right exercises to match your available portable fitness equipment, time and resources. Sometimes friends can help contribute an idea or two about how to maximise your situation whilst keeping up to date with the social scene can be a great fun and rejuvenating yet relaxed atmosphere.
For those more adventurous dudes, there’s the kangoo jumps using boots with much like mini-trampolines or even a portable TRX strapping a tree for rippling muscles workouts.
Last but most important for your portable fitness equipment journey is write your own checklist to ensure you carry the right stuff as well as making sure they are also taken back home as well as to update any better or new kit to ensure your ongoing health program
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• How to keep fit when travelling for biz with smart gym

Best Fitness apps for health and exercise program

Best Fitness apps- your portable guide to healthy lifestyle

Today some of the best fitness apps has been widely used and designed to help us to choose, log and even compare progress towards our health goals. It is simply available in our hands or wrists thru downloads, free or paid health apps, and offer many options or choices for you.
It does not matter for a true beginner or serious fan, where we once are exposed to a simple gym workouts at home or the club, the time has come for boredom to be set aside and be aided by technology and new developments.
Our choice of best workout apps are too many, but it depends on our preference and focus on which aspect we want to push our bodies. There’s apps for everyone and starts from standalone counters for calories burned, sleep hours clocked, heart beats, numbers of steps taken and distance covered. Some provide useful hubs for best fitness and health info like food value calorific, fats, minimum requirements etc.

best fitness apps

best fitness apps

More sophisticated but the best fitness apps can be holistic and covers beyond measurements, come with provision for choices of type of exercises, cycles, duration and even logging-monitoring for specific health programs. Such include weight loss, muscular abs, overall BMI body fat, water percentage, muscle and body mass. Venturing further besides logging and creating exercise routines, some of the best exercise apps allow monitoring onto public billboards that encourages thru peer pressure during review.
Amongst such rated fitness apps found in most iOS or Android stores include Endomondo Sports Tracker, Nike Training Club, Cody, Fitstar and Rantastic 6-pack abs, too many to list here. Bear in mind, to always check out the terms and conditions to ensure it is reliable, user-friendly and can continue to innovate and grow and provides vital support, as necessary.
Besides the usual grunts and heaving, sometimes it is good to look towards the soft and passive health programs available through the use of apps. One good app is that for yoga-inclined practitioners is Pocket Yoga that is portable yet logs and tracks one’s progress in this ancient art of posturing and breathing. It allows for your own pace, comes with videos and voice to meet and set different difficulty levels for your future progress.
Last but not least is use of downloaded music that motivates and providing background for relaxation and healing whilst we move our bodies and whilst we lay still in meditation. Technology has been a boon providing us best fitness apps and let’s kick some dust towards our healthy goals!

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Should You Use Exercise Equipments?

Exercise Equipment- why some find it unnecessary

Summer is in, are you in shape yet? Come sunny days, almost everyoneis busy scurrying and shop browsing for the latest and fashionable skimpiest bathing suits. Question is, how will your new swimwear fit you?

As for you are those legs tone and those arms fit? Have you been daily busying with your must do crunches and sit-ups? That one always gets you, doesn’t it? Those darn ab workouts. Although they can be a little irksome at times, they’re necessary to say the least. Come on, we all want a great set of abs. Why do you think we have so much ab exercise equipment storming the fitness market at all times? Regardless if you’re male or female, the abs are imperative. Are you testing out some of the new-age ab exercise equipment?

The main question is, should you use any exercise equipment? When it comes to ab exercise equipment, I don’t have too many. However, I prefer to do all my exercises without loads of machines. You know, pull-ups, push-ups, leg-raises, dips, etc. Now, this is not the route for every individual who is striving to stay fit. Many people prefer some of the latest benches, treadmills, stairmasters, and ab exercise equipment on the market. This stuff is great if you can afford it. Why not take advantage of any contemporary aids if available? My wife has one of those big rubber balls. While I’m sure they have a more politically correct name, I don’t know what it is. She uses this ab exercise equipment for a variety of stomach and back workouts. I have to admit that I was rather taken-back the first time I saw it. I could certainly see how it would provide you with a strenuous workout and build your muscles. She continues to use it daily for a variety of exercises.


What ab exercise equipment do you prefer? Maybe you get your dose of ab exercise equipment at the local gym or fitness club. They typically have a variety of ab exercise equipment at your constant disposal. Regardless of what regimes you prefer, you know that your daily dose of ab workouts are mandatory for maintaining that tight tummy. If you are in need of assistance concerning ab exercise equipment or just simple routines, you can hop online and acquire anything your heart desires. From diet plans, to fitness regimes galore, you will find it all on the World-Wide-Web. Get started today and get those abs you’ve always wanted.

Hope this clarify the question raised above.


Wobble Board- Effective Injury rehab home exercise equipment!

Wobble Board – Great home exercise equipment combined with home gym bar

What is a wobble board?


A piece of training equipment used to develop physical balance. It is primarily used to improve balance and reflexes and thus very useful in sport injury rehabilitation and prevention purposes.

wobble board

wobble board


Its construction usually is a 40cm diameter circular MDF board disk with non-slip top. The bottom side has a plastic hemisphere in the centre. This allows the board 360 degrees of movement.


Benefits of wobble board are many and some main ones listed below:

  • Improves agility for both static and dynamic balance
  • Reaction skills
  • Posture
  • Confidence
  • Sport performance
  • Injury rehab, for more read, <click here>
  • Physical therapy
  • Works hand in hand with gym bar to provide fuller range of exercise, fun as well as variety to normal home exercise routines!


Features of wobble board :


  • ·         Non impact exercise for both young and old


  • ·         Compact and handy, easy to carry


  • ·         Easy storage as small size and easily packed away


  • ·         Convenient for travel


  • ·         Can be multi-functional e.g. wobble board, slant board, foot rest and as well as a twist board
  • wobble board back-forth

    wobble board back-forth


wobble board rotation

wobble board rotation

slant board with leg

slant board with leg

Who can use wobble board?


  • ·         Track runners


  • ·         Surfers


  • ·         Dancers


  • ·         Skate boarders


  • ·         Etc


As the wobble board has universal appeal, it is a must have for all home, gyms, physiotherapy centers and old folks’ homes! It is a key home exercise equipment that is value for money but packs a great impact onto our home exercise routines.


Available in many colors and sizes, but the basic function is still fun equipment that brings health and rehab wherever needed. Get it in the nearest store or contact here for best results.


Happy exercising!

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Best Home Exercises

Best home exercises you can do at home

It’s no wonder that the best exercises at home are involved a wide range of our muscle group be it in endurance, cardio or in strengthening purpose. Better still if we don’t feel like going to the gym or paying steep gym membership fees.

Whatever our goals, it is important we get the most value out of our limited time, energy and resources committed to this endeavor. It would be ideal if we devoted at least 3 days in a week, say Monday, Wednesday and Friday allowing time for healing sores, if necessary and varying our intensity, range of exercises to ensure proper development.


Note everyone can spare the time and money in the gym and hence a home gym should suffice the simplest and best ways for exercises at home. Being at home does not in any way diminish the good and effective training effects. After all we still need to target the various muscle groups and full body routines in order to reap maximum benefits.

Some of the best home gym exercises as follows


·         Leg raising whilst lying on the floor.

The lying on the back allows one to raise one or both legs that impacts all the major muscles stressing on abdominal muscles, hip flexors and also the front of the thighs.

·         Push ups

Due to the position and the lifting of your upper body, this push up is an excellent prelude to working the chest muscles and upper arms.

·         Sit ups

Great for stomach muscles as this standard exercise crunches the abdominals. Very effective for all types of stages of training.

·         Jumping Jack

Effective in-between strength training for improving cardio thru keeping the heart pumping and burning calories.

·         Jumping squats

Simple 2 mins working is enough to challenge anyone and doing this will result in building speed.

·         Push up Declined

This variation push up exercise is excellent for pectoral muscle building up as this focuses on upper body.

·         Push up, inclined

Another variation of push up but this time it stress on the lower part of the chest.

Whatever exercises one find fit for the home exercise, pray do it ever so often in order to ensure repetition, intensity and frequency for personal health improvement.

Some videos can easily illustrate the home exercises involved:




Home gym Bar Method: 4 Surprising Benefits

Home gym bar – Your ultimate health partner

Home gymbar is one of the most popular and exciting new exercise equipment for a great workout. It allows combination of Pilates, yoga and ballet and hence a fun new way to get into shape. Since this gym bar can comprise of numerous multiple styles and movements but still it involved little impact onto your body. Unlike jogging or running which requires hard hitting impacts, home gym exercises are relatively safe and less likely to injure yourself.

This gym bar method is applicable for classroom gym style or better still home gym and requires a range of pulling and stretching movements to test your limits. Though simple in concept, it provides for great fun whilst engaging in your health goals. Below are a few benefits of home gym bar

Better Flexibility

Since gym bar exercises borrow the better elements from Yoga, your flexibility is greatly tested and enhanced thru regular sessions. Required movements include plenty of poses after stretching and repeated movements for your entire body. You’ll be surprised yourself when you perform new tricks and maneuvers!

Better Posture

Gym bar exercises require keeping your shoulders straight and back in proper alignment. In the long run, posture is improved and repetitive corrective movements will result in proper posture, confidence and ultimately favorable attitude towards life. Such confidence arise when you know your capability to endure pains yet willing to move forward and never giving up in pursuit of your health aims.

Better change of routine

Common range of exercises such has walking, jogging and even running gets boring after a few sessions unless we increase the range and more time, something we are loathe to spend given our busy lifestyle. Home gym exercises offer a myriad of styles, stretches, pulls and you’ll never cease to stop but wonder how much more you can push yourself here. The challenge to go further is what drives your regular workout and thereby increase your endurance, strength and flexibility.

Better muscles

Not only gym bar exercises improve your cardio, upper body, endurance but your muscles development. After all, those stretches and pulls are but full muscular activities that promotes better muscles as a natural result. If a 6-pack is desired, it is not difficult to achieve thru this method.

Happy home gym bar exercising but never forget to do safe exercising and know your limits!

Home Gym Bar – uses and benefits

Home Gym Bar- Guide to basic home exercise equipment

Home gym bar consists of a metal bar attached to door frame or wall for low budget home exercise equipment. It is suitable for especially pull ups, chin ups and if augmented with other devices greatly enhances its usefulness and flexibility.

For the home user, a wall frame is more robust and hence preferred for resistance training and serious body building.

However many a home gym hobbyist does not value such serious training and hence a door frame is good enough for simple and yet effective cardio, resistance and mass muscling needs. It is not only cheaper but quality enough for home user needs.

The door frame gym bar consists of placing the metal rod between door frames on either side and held by screw or using the body weight as a jammer. The height is adjustable based on user requirements and height.

A useful add-on for the home gym bar is a attachment sling to allow for new grips and adds flexibility to the range of exercises performed. Hence the simple home gym bar usability is multiplied for both training requirements as well as adding fun and more intensified exercises.

A home gym bar is not just inexpensive but it allows for home gym and not gym memberships. This way a home gym is convenient eliminating travelling time, paying top dollar memberships fees, parking fees and queuing to use popular exercise equipment. Though you sacrifice the need for grouping and rely on self-will power and solitary efforts in order to achieve your health and body goals. It does not matter if you want to improve your cardio, add muscles, add resistance to your body or even add flexibility to your body, a home gym bar will satisfy your needs admirably though on a low cost.

some videos of home gym bar



Home gym exercises : Benefits & Efficiency

Home gym exercises on a budget

Today one is spoilt for choice of gym exercise equipment in terms of cost, functions and variety. Even low-cost alternatives are available for the home gym that served the purpose of a great workout. Home exercise machines are usually portable be it placed in the garage, attic or even a ground level room. This advantage is such that it is so readily accessible that one simply can do a quick workout prior to beginning your work day!

Having a home gym allows for great convenience and aids in easy making a decision of start out of workout times since it is located in-house. In addition to that, one does not waste time putting on travel clothes, driving to the gym or taking a train-ride just to enjoy the benefits of exercise. What a waste of time, money and efforts.

Hence having a home gym equipment means no loss in time and this time can be fully utilised and allows a full 1 hour workout and the additional time helps to increase effectiveness, endurance and mastery of techniques and hence better than expected results.

Home gym equipment s available cardio, endurance or even muscular development such as abs and upper torso or simply a desirable healthy body. Manufacturers can offer different designs; level of workout required and even colors with attractive pricing to suit anyone’s budget.

Club sometimes offer second-hand equipment that are of top quality and suit most regular needs. Whatever it is, most home gym equipment requires a small working area but always keep in mind the main requisite of home exercises, that is, simplicity. One just needs a machine for normal routine exercise for specific requirements and since it is usually repetitive exercises, and boredom quickly sets in. Having a dedication and all out commitment to carry out without fail and yet having fun to fulfil one’s plan of healthy and beneficial exercising is necessary and thus this mind-set is equally critical component for achieving health goals. This is what counts when it comes to realizing one’s purpose in exercising.

Remember healthy exercises require a correct attitude and mindset and any workout must not be just physical but also promote a healthy mind and spirit. Then each workout becomes a welcome habit, something which one looks forward to each time, fun and also adds to our purpose to achieve one’s goals and aspirations in life.


Home gym bring more benefits!

In today’s hectic lifestyle, taking care of one’s body is critical, for both men and women alike. We normally began with a local gym membership but inadvertently due to problems at work, home or otherwise, failed to keep the necessary commitment, and in a matter of months, then ease back to old routines. It is for this precise reason, many an individual decides to train at home.

We begin our home gym by preparing the space available. Of course the area involved depends on the training and equipment sought for. Basic home gym equipment such as weights, bicycle and home gym bar 

tbx barre

should suffice for most purposes. You probably require a small gym with 2 square meters but make sure the exercise you are performing is suitable and fit your purpose.

One major benefit of home exercise program is one can adjust each workout based on one’s available time and personal preference.

Another major advantage of home gym exercises is saving time and being able to perform training without queuing for others especially to use your favourite equipment, in your own comfort and without being judged by others. It allows us to test our physical limits and practice what gives us maximum results.

Of course with home gym, it is doubly imperative to apply our will power. It is determination that makes us start and more importantly continuing the gym exercise. Otherwise we end up without consideration and give up training after a few sessions.

To train at home, it is good to begin with standard weights to slow break out old habits and avoid undue stress and sufferings. It is better to avoid big mistakes that will hurt you in the long run.

To do trainings and exercises at home is not without its drawbacks, namely lethargy, boredom and lack of social contacts to share and learn from especially advices from gym supervisors.

Hence it is normal to intersperse and fun-up your exercises with outdoor activity like bicycling, rope skipping and jogging to break the boredom cycle.

It is helpful if the exercises performed are varied in terms of intensity, frequency to affect major body parts such as upper body, cardio, abs, endurance and muscles build-up.

In conclusion, whilst we are not preparing ourselves for Olympics, we still have the decision to make our choice of home gym equipment and exercises that meet our needs and end up with the health benefits, be it endurance, muscling or just being health and cheerful.