Best Fitness apps for health and exercise program

Best Fitness apps- your portable guide to healthy lifestyle

Today some of the best fitness apps has been widely used and designed to help us to choose, log and even compare progress towards our health goals. It is simply available in our hands or wrists thru downloads, free or paid health apps, and offer many options or choices for you.
It does not matter for a true beginner or serious fan, where we once are exposed to a simple gym workouts at home or the club, the time has come for boredom to be set aside and be aided by technology and new developments.
Our choice of best workout apps are too many, but it depends on our preference and focus on which aspect we want to push our bodies. There’s apps for everyone and starts from standalone counters for calories burned, sleep hours clocked, heart beats, numbers of steps taken and distance covered. Some provide useful hubs for best fitness and health info like food value calorific, fats, minimum requirements etc.

best fitness apps

best fitness apps

More sophisticated but the best fitness apps can be holistic and covers beyond measurements, come with provision for choices of type of exercises, cycles, duration and even logging-monitoring for specific health programs. Such include weight loss, muscular abs, overall BMI body fat, water percentage, muscle and body mass. Venturing further besides logging and creating exercise routines, some of the best exercise apps allow monitoring onto public billboards that encourages thru peer pressure during review.
Amongst such rated fitness apps found in most iOS or Android stores include Endomondo Sports Tracker, Nike Training Club, Cody, Fitstar and Rantastic 6-pack abs, too many to list here. Bear in mind, to always check out the terms and conditions to ensure it is reliable, user-friendly and can continue to innovate and grow and provides vital support, as necessary.
Besides the usual grunts and heaving, sometimes it is good to look towards the soft and passive health programs available through the use of apps. One good app is that for yoga-inclined practitioners is Pocket Yoga that is portable yet logs and tracks one’s progress in this ancient art of posturing and breathing. It allows for your own pace, comes with videos and voice to meet and set different difficulty levels for your future progress.
Last but not least is use of downloaded music that motivates and providing background for relaxation and healing whilst we move our bodies and whilst we lay still in meditation. Technology has been a boon providing us best fitness apps and let’s kick some dust towards our healthy goals!

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