2017 Tips on making new year resolutions that work

Well, that 2016 went by quickly and somewhat dangerously.  Now with 2017 readying for us in the coming days. Health enthusiasts across the country are in the midst of this holiday season making preparation the new plans for the year.

And, yes, it is deva-ju time to start the making resolution thing over again


Recent news reports tell us that less than 1/10 of people who make New Year’ resolutions actually succeed. Though this is not exactly earth shattering news nor suprising—most of us are after all, being faithful to insanity, being habitual good or bad and always repeating the same actions but expecting a new result.

But like me, and you want to start doing the best ways to do this resolution exercise, consider the follow tips that will or might even change your life perspective and hopefully a better future for your small business instead.

Firmly decide that 2017 will forever be known as the year you established a good new year resolution wishes. You can do it in 4 proven steps.

  1. Know your own health goals

Goals ought to be modest, clear, require several actions and allows for zig-zags and ups and downs, easy and less than 4 and personalized. Any more is formula for super beings who like Huckleberry Finns says keep it simple, we don’t need more than our hands to count. Now with that number one done, you are done the easiest tip on resolutions making that will work for  you.

2.   Establish your own health indicators

In other words the goals must be observable, not so unseen or wishy-washy improvements. That way you can chart your progress and that will lead to other improvements in relation to this. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It must begin with planning, quarrying stone and building the foundations, structures before finally the roads in that order.

3.   Maintain a Good Charting records

Success begins to flow when the basics of history charts are done correction. This is vital for future management and maintenance. Besides the charts serve as measurement to ensure plans and progress proceed in accordance to original wishes.

4.   Know Your  Results and Review them oftern

When the proper records stop, we can begin the analysis of how and where our training has done for us. It allows us to refer history and review and compare if we are progressing in the right direction and timing. Thus effectiveness of our program can be in order so that we achieve our final objectives.

We’re grateful that you’re joining us in that keeping fit, and wish nothing but the best for your and yours as 2017 unfolds. Happy New Year.