Dare to believe in your life purpose life thru exercise commitment

What everyone deserve to know – how to stay committed to exercise permanently

Do you continue your exercise commitment without knowing the long term benefits? Are you blinding following trends and crowd each time you carry out exercise workouts? Isn’t it silly to work out when you can better spend your energy and time doing what you loved, e.g. gardening, readings politics news or books or in some dark corner reminiscing with friends and a beer in hand?

One can read until blue in the face hundreds of articles in magazines, books or tv that extol the benefits of exercising your muscles and lungs. Be it creation of endorphins chemicals for feeling good, bonding with fellow partners, increasing muscle mass or even lose weights and same time upping endurance, stamina and be in tune with your body.

Whatever your interpretation of what you read, listened or seen is always on your mind each time you step out, pushes your body to the next limit will always haunt you whether you will continue to do this punishing exercise routine again today or tomorrow or put off permanently.

What can you do or decide in this case? I would say, it’s always better to put both legs on both ships and pray knowing in life there’s no right choice but never regret not doing it until it’s too late. Never regret with the four saddest words in English, “If only I did …” and never regret like an old man, “If only I enjoyed whatever I was doing each time…”

So are you a committed exercise buff or not is ok as long as you do it and enjoy the exercise routines or philosophically the journey in your life.

We are here for a reason and who cares whatever reason, but your own is all I envisage for you. Don’t let someone dictate your life and your decision on exercising as long as you got free will and willing to sacrifice time and energy for your health and while passing the time to make sure of your place in this great Earth of ours!

In the end we got no choice but to undertake exercise commitment  as the benefits are long time in coming and felt and we got to believe it even though we can’t see anything physical at the moment. But “believe first, see later” is mark of maturity and let’s enjoy philosophy as who knows if tomorrow might come or might not come!

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