Portable fitness equipment

Let portable fitness equipment keeps you healthy when travelling

Portable fitness equipment for whether you are on a trip for fun or business helps to keep your health programs ongoing. Being away from your home gym or club should not an excuse and deter you from keeping fit. However weight, space availability and sometimes security concerns should be considered before packing in your luggage and begin your journey.

Whilst you cannot carry too big or heavy items like dumbbells, sandbags or kegs or exercise bike, there’s still plenty of stuff portable yet effective to exercise and maintain your health goals.

Basic equipment such as a pair of sneakers is just as important. With those, one can begin a simple case of walking, hiking or even a quick run anywhere along nature trails or park. Of course if you need to rest and recuperate, a foldable yoga mat is preferable coupled with music, videos using a portable headphone and smart phone. Sometimes where available, a swimming trunk and caps might come in handy to help cool down or just plain lazing about after a strenuous workout.

Small weights and rubber exercise or resistance bands are equally carry-capable items, though, for flight restrictions it is important to check for security clearance. Never underestimate its usefulness when considering a nice workout after a long day in the office.

Sometimes if possible a 12” wobble board and or a skip rope can be quite a handy equipment for a good workout. Simple yet effective enough for quick warm-ups or longer endurance workouts.

portable fitness equipment

portable fitness equipment-slant board

The best equipment you possessed inherently is your feet. Whether you are a walker or a marathon runner, you can easily find time and place to start your fat-burning quest. Be it at the beach, jog along the main and back streets or even a jungle trail, it is a marvellous feeling and joy to stretch, enjoy the view and smell that journey along the way.

Don’t forget the laptop or smart phone; it helps to share your fitness program progress, the equipment, the new sights and environment wherever you are now. That is besides updating your health logs, an avenue to find the right exercises to match your available portable fitness equipment, time and resources. Sometimes friends can help contribute an idea or two about how to maximise your situation whilst keeping up to date with the social scene can be a great fun and rejuvenating yet relaxed atmosphere.
For those more adventurous dudes, there’s the kangoo jumps using boots with much like mini-trampolines or even a portable TRX strapping a tree for rippling muscles workouts.
Last but most important for your portable fitness equipment journey is write your own checklist to ensure you carry the right stuff as well as making sure they are also taken back home as well as to update any better or new kit to ensure your ongoing health program
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Juice Fasting for you

Juice Fasting recipes for weight loss and detox

Juice fasting is a great diet trend consisting of only drinking juice from fruits and vegetables and water, plain and natural. It is commonly thought to improve your health by cleansing the body through removing toxins and unwanted materials as well as weight loss side effect. Bear in mind, to stop taking normal food but juice diet, it is important to consult your doctor or dietician prior to such undertaking. Other side effects known to surface include diarrhea, changes in color of urine and body odors emission. Certain strenuous activity or exercises are to be avoided and to limit the duration of fasting to avoid complications. Be sure to take sufficient water to ensure body is completely hydrated at all times.

juice fasting

juice fasting

However, it is good to test waters by studying juicing recipes and one can experiment by starting a simple program of drinking lemon juice in warm water. If each morning you begin by this example, it is by far one of your most important and great habit. Whether you are a student, mom or busy executive, how you begin your day determines the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

This is because lemon is a good source of minerals including Potassium, calcium, citric acid and vitamin C that improves our body immune system. It helps cure the common cold as well as reducing pain and inflammation in joints.
Besides that lemon helps in body PH alkalinity and weight loss by fighting hunger cravings. It is also acts as stimulation for intestinal tracts aiding digestive processes to flush out unwanted materials and growth of harmful bacteria. Constipation, infections, diseases and toxic build up is also reduced or eliminated.

Lemon juice helps to flush out the urinary tract since it increases the rate of urination and promote intake of more water. It helps to clear skin through purging of toxins from the blood.

A quick way to determined if you drink enough water is to check the urine color; rightly it should be colorless to light yellow. If it is otherwise, drink more water as a precautionary check, before consulting the good doctor.

After this lemon juice habit, if you are confident of the benefits of Juice Fasting, it is also important not to rush hastily without research and create awareness of the preparations and precautions. Whether it’s a 30 day juice fast or on how to juice fast, one can scour the internet but these juice fasting websites can offer more crucial information such as http://www.justonjuice.com/juicing-faq/ and http://www.wikihow.com/Perform-a-Juice-Fast. Some video on juicing fast here: