Health first-Buy your health insurance

Put health first over exercise Program

To us, health first is the first thing to come to mind when we think of purpose of exercise. We see the benefits of a higher quality of life when we are better in shape if we take care of our body, mind and soul.
It’s true we can perform flexibility, strength and endurance and take pride in enjoying the fullest of life events and activities. However the eventual reality is we want to prolong our existence to enjoy that privilege. That is in case we are unluckily to be struck down by a disease, workout accidents or even diet related ailments. And the first thing we need is to insure that, hence the need for health insurance.

health first

health first

It’s the creation of the “certainty” of being able to enjoy that better quality of life or even to survive that is more of concern. We don’t like to be pessimistic about life but reality checking is what we need to make certain for life and the future. Do that health insurance first, and then we are ready and are fully prepared for any eventuality in life, whatever and whenever it comes after.
Common sense dictates we need to place emphasis on our holistic health placing attention to our lifestyle, diet and exercise program in order to achieve personal health care to the fullest.
Yes we still need have to do the calorific checks, daily 15 mins workouts whether in our home gym or at the nearby country club gym, take precautions to avoid toxins, undue stress elimination and whatever necessary that constituted our notion of what’s good for our health concerns.
To accentuate the need for health first through insurance, take a walk in hospital wards, see a friend or relative of the terminally ill or even remember a time in your life when you were helpless in your childhood life. A time when you had a sprain, a broken bone that you were at the complete mercy of your mother, a care taker and that should make you aware that life is not to be taken for granted.
Be smart, take heed that health first by buying health insurance first and then you can begin your exercise regime with no qualms or regrets and look forward to life with a sure preparedness; no matter what comes. Life is health first when you are insured, you are ready to go anytime, and ready having peace of mind, today and forever.

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Life Time Fitness: Make time for exercise

Achieve life time fitness by switching time wasters to exercise

Whilst life time fitness is universally accepted, we often give excuses and justification not putting the required time. Yet every night, we look back and we don’t realize how time passed us by and how much time we waste time.
Famed Italian researcher presented us Pareto Principle 80/20 rule, on the law of the vital few, reminds that we too, cannot account for time wasted and not make time for exercise. Using fingers to count, we sleep 8 hours, work 9 hours, and eat 1 hour, travel 1.5 hours and the balance of 4.5 hours or about 20%. We cannot account for it, what we did with it. It’s a fact of life on the essence of why we cannot achieve life time fitness.
Simple commonsense requires a minimum of 15 mins or ¼ hour time for exercise to maintain our physical health. Best time to exercise is in the morning. Yet we don’t even spare the time, though. The time spent on this workout should be considered an investment that yields myriad health goals in terms of fitness, endurance, weight loss and muscular gains.
In essence we waste time by the following and if we are aware of it makes us realize that we do have time for our lives be in enjoyment, health and relationships.

life time fitness

life time fitness

We lost track of time spent in getting information through social media, people and entertainment. The ubiquitous tv, smart phones, ipads are used to find, update, gossip, research and catch up with the latest happenings on persons, events and other interested topics. The incessant chase for more information for information’s sake is one way track for wasting time.
We don’t have the goal to allocate time for important goals in life. Health is wealth. Most think it’s the latter only. When the goal is not there, we don’t have a plan, thereby wasting time running around in circles, being busy and keeping being busy is also becomes a status sought after. Fail to plan is akin to plan to fail in your life goals.
The next thing devoid of a life time fitness plan meant there is no time management or measurable of time spent to ensure fairness of allocation of time for tasks needed for personal, social and career advancement. People tend to impose demands on our time for their own benefit unless you have plan of your own.
In life there’s always a possibility of failure and downtime, things do go wrong when least expected. However with the right goal and plan, this additional life block and undue pressure is easily countered by having a positive attitude. Mistakes are unwelcome necessary steps in order to achieve goals much like we walk one step in the wrong direction with the right leg and another with the left in order to attain a straight line towards our destination.
All in, never regret like a dying man, of not having the time to smell the roses along life’s journey and not doing what he wanted to do. Life time fitness will ensure we live longer more meaningful life to the fullest.

Fitness anytime: The Secret to Live Strong forever

For fitness anytime: Secret on how to stop lying about your lifestyle gym

For beginners or advanced health enthusiasts alike desiring permanent healthy lives or fitness anytime, “The Science of Being Well” by Wallace D Wattles is a classic powerful book.

fitness anytime

fitness anytime

Though written in 1900’s literary style, it promotes the mindset of basic philosophy of living life to the fullest. The words used are simple yet long winded and espouses that one has to take responsibility to be self-healthy. The book not only talks on physical aspects of getting fit but adds some sprinkling of spirituality and self-beliefs for enhancing the purpose of the human psyche.
It advises for fitness anytime anywhere one must simply do the best as capable for the basic human functions of drinking, eating, breathing and sleeping well. It’s that philosophy that underlines the need to ensure the body functions are perfect whether it chews, moves and absorbs the food, air and liquids we take. Once that is taken cared off, the body is then capable of regeneration, energised and primed for starting the day in positive territory.
The other important aspect of mental preparation consists of an attitude of gratefulness towards the beauty and wonder of the body, the food and the world in which it interacts. When the joy and appreciation of the simplest sip of life giving water, which eases motion and cleansing, and morsel of food on the table providing nourishment, energy, renewal and tastes. The gratefulness extends to thoughts of positive nature towards the people around us, acts of nature such as rain, sunshine or wind moves us to the point of joy and thankfulness.
Both the above, that is, physical body functions and positive mind thoughts, work in harmony and synergy to render health and serve the basic foundation for lifestyle family fitness, everywhere. Waking up each morning, such practical mind and body interactions attract health, healing every disease and participation in life in all activities that only can result in fitness anytime, anywhere. This is where a healthy lifestyle program meets a classic book of brilliant yet simple ideas worth sharing and most of all, take action or it goes to waste as if we never met, learnt and lived life to the fullest.

For good sources of lifestyle family fitness info on how to live strong and bristles with life-inspiring story like Lance Armstrong can be found for achieving fitness anytime on the internet such as and You can get a free copy of the above book from
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Best Fitness apps for health and exercise program

Best Fitness apps- your portable guide to healthy lifestyle

Today some of the best fitness apps has been widely used and designed to help us to choose, log and even compare progress towards our health goals. It is simply available in our hands or wrists thru downloads, free or paid health apps, and offer many options or choices for you.
It does not matter for a true beginner or serious fan, where we once are exposed to a simple gym workouts at home or the club, the time has come for boredom to be set aside and be aided by technology and new developments.
Our choice of best workout apps are too many, but it depends on our preference and focus on which aspect we want to push our bodies. There’s apps for everyone and starts from standalone counters for calories burned, sleep hours clocked, heart beats, numbers of steps taken and distance covered. Some provide useful hubs for best fitness and health info like food value calorific, fats, minimum requirements etc.

best fitness apps

best fitness apps

More sophisticated but the best fitness apps can be holistic and covers beyond measurements, come with provision for choices of type of exercises, cycles, duration and even logging-monitoring for specific health programs. Such include weight loss, muscular abs, overall BMI body fat, water percentage, muscle and body mass. Venturing further besides logging and creating exercise routines, some of the best exercise apps allow monitoring onto public billboards that encourages thru peer pressure during review.
Amongst such rated fitness apps found in most iOS or Android stores include Endomondo Sports Tracker, Nike Training Club, Cody, Fitstar and Rantastic 6-pack abs, too many to list here. Bear in mind, to always check out the terms and conditions to ensure it is reliable, user-friendly and can continue to innovate and grow and provides vital support, as necessary.
Besides the usual grunts and heaving, sometimes it is good to look towards the soft and passive health programs available through the use of apps. One good app is that for yoga-inclined practitioners is Pocket Yoga that is portable yet logs and tracks one’s progress in this ancient art of posturing and breathing. It allows for your own pace, comes with videos and voice to meet and set different difficulty levels for your future progress.
Last but not least is use of downloaded music that motivates and providing background for relaxation and healing whilst we move our bodies and whilst we lay still in meditation. Technology has been a boon providing us best fitness apps and let’s kick some dust towards our healthy goals!

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Best exercise to achieve Great health

Best Exercise By Walking is the Best Kept Secret to a Healthy Lifestyle

The best exercise is by walking, the perfect antidote to meet modern busy lifestyle requirements working in an office environment that is usually involving mostly meetings and paperwork. That translates to taking less care of our health and less physical activities including exercise. However our muscles require work in order to maintain our body healthy, strong and proper functioning. We usually forget that the best exercise and simplest solution toward taking health seriously is just by walking.
Here are some of the common benefits anyone can get whilst indulging in this plain walking. It does away with the need for any home gym equipment. According to the Wikipedia website, one of the best exercise is walking by nature an aerobic activity in that it requires more oxygen and hence beneficial to cardio-vascular endurance. It strengthens cardio-vascular functions thru working out the lungs and heart. Walking keeps us in a happy mode as it involves releasing of hormones endorphins, coupled with possibilities of meeting friends along the way and having a break from office work-related activity is a welcome idea. Remember feeling great after a good walking session is exciting and an incentive to continue this exercise. Additional chance of meeting friends is a good social activity to chat, update and support our needs or requirements in life.

best exercise
Coupled with additional activity like taking a proper diet and add-on weights, it can also help in weight loss intentions and besides that in toning the lower body muscles. Also in walking during daylight hours, our skin being exposed to sunlight introduces vitamin D, crucial to our bone health. Brisk walking also translates to reducing stress or anxiety. However the intensity of walking exercise depends on an individual’s age and level of fitness plus how often and speed of walking.
Since walking is a low-impact exercise, there is little chance of injury which suits those over 50’s when compared to say jogging.
Besides walking for the legs, one can swing arms or even clap hands together as supplementary exercise for your arms and improving blood circulation.
Having a walking companion helps to avoid putting up reasons for not exercising and procrastinating this great activity. Supporting each other is crucial especially in the beginning stage to attain maximum benefits on a long term basis.
The conclusion is walking is by far the best exercise whilst recommendations for good regular program is a minimum of say 30 mins per day for 5 days a week, one can augment thru walking up staircases or taking brisk walks during lunchtime as a creative contribution. If possible, one can break into twice session of say 15mins each, totaling 30 mins. And that will break the monotony of working whilst imparting a sense of purpose in our life.

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