Better Sleep : Key to Healthy Lifestyle

How better sleep leads to high energized mornings!

 If you get up more tired and worn out each morning, it’s time to looking within yourself, your environment or even work place and who knows, maybe a home gym workout is required.

Having better sleep is the key to reduce stresses, over-vigorous hyper-activity that leads to accidents, exhaustion and sometimes even in extreme cases, fatality.

 Our body requires a rest after each day’s work, fighting traffic jams, subjected to office politics, pressures and deadlines meeting. For some a minimum of 7 hours, whatever, depends on your age, location and even positions in life.

 Hence it is better to set up a routine in order to reap maximum benefits of a good night’s sleep as follows :

1. Keep a routine sleep routine

If you must, keep to the same time, doing the routine like brushing teeth, washing your face, packing for the next day’s work, let those activities trigger and remind your biological body its’ time to shut down.

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2. Make exercise regular

As you work out, you are burning energy for a healthy body but vigorous exercising will trigger a worn tired feeling that’s conducive for better sleep. Such tiredness leads to a deeper level of sleeping and hence better quality of sleep.

3. Cut down coffee or tea intake before sleep

Coffee and tea contain caffeine that stimulates your brain for hours and hours and that doesn’t go well with your need to sleep at night!

4. Stop Snack before retiring

Night time is for sleeping and that means allowing the stomach to rest and not chewing on food before your sleep!

5. Keep your room cool, dark and preferably scented lavender

Expect to keep your room at about 24 deg C if you want to get a great sleep. It’s great when your body is immersed in a cool temperature, allowing for your body to relax and feel just right. The right scent is sleep inductive and the darker the room, the better for sound sleep!

6. Choose the right pillow

We sleep almost one third of our life and it pays to use the correct pillow. The right pillow keeps your head raised and straight lining your spine, your neck and head. The correct angle and alignment is the secret to better sleep.

7. Learn to breathe deeply

The right breathing technique is for relaxing your body with a steady and smooth inflow of fresh air. It is simple and repetitive cycle whereby one takes a deep breath counting 1 to 5, hold for 3 seconds and then exhale out to a count of 5. Then repeat as it induces breath in and out that reduces your heart rate and slowing down your body.

8. Stay lying down when you cannot sleep

Remember sometimes our body just doesn’t want to shut down despite all your efforts, insomnia sets in, learn this important fact, “Your mind and body can take 24 hours without rest but your eyes cannot!” Hence no matter what happens when you cannot sleep, remain calm in bed, lying in the dark room but always keep your eyes closed. It doesn’t matter if you don’t sleep, studies have shown, you will ride and live the next day well. It is a bit tiring but you will make it thru the day provided, and provided, you have rested your eyes! Our eyes are the key to our survival. As long as it’s got its required shutdown period, you will do well in the next day and when the next night is coming, you are superbly tired and primed for a great sleep to compensate for your loss of sleep!

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