Top Health Tips : Live longer and add greater joys

Health tips for better lifestyle!

Though we live a busy life and leading a lifestyle that seemed not to have enough hours, it’s natural to think we live days ahead and feel immortal. Lest we forget, we too, are a product of nature, have an expiration date and faced certain death, no exceptions.

Whilst we enjoy life to the max, we need to be aware that personal health goes hand in hand with healthy living. It is obviously clear a healthy body and mind lead to a optimum lifestyle thru greater vitality and energy.

Health tips or health attitude is a serious personal reflection of what goes into our life, our body, be it food, clean air, liquids or exercising that allows us to be feeling great and energised and go beyond the ordinary.

A wellness program can be like going to a gym or even a home gym preferably daily however few minutes it is precious enough to ensure protection against sickness and change for the better, that is stronger, more endurance and faster body.

Some key health tips come to mind to maintain a wellness attitude:

1.   Take natural foods not processed, bottled or even preserved ones

2.   Eat more greens, home grown, not meat eliminates body odors and chemicals intake into your body

3.   Reduce sugar and salt intake, though drinks or food become less palatable but life is more precious than that!

4.   Whilst waiting in line, do some light exercises including standing on one leg, stretching, proper breathing will add zest to your life

5.   Touch your partner’s shoulders or give a hug is a positive energising routine that perks up you and your partner’s day

6.   Keep a meditative 1 minute personal time alone will release tons of stress on your body and mind

7.   Learn to breathe consciously and deeply a few times a day especially in morning, after meals or breaks and before sleep

8.   Keep simple physical workouts to maintain weight, reduce sore muscles, get vital organs working and reduce internal stress and anxiety. A monkey bar, such as the TBX barre, is a great addition to any health equipment

Though these are simple health tips, it brings immense benefits in the long run, when we are able to grow a stronger body, build endurance to our muscles and not forgetting add speed and vitality to our life and hence enjoy a better living and lifestyle!

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