Keep fit : Simple yet Cheap Ways

8 Simple Ways to keep fit

It seems a luxury to keep fit what with escalating cost of maintaining gym membership nowadays. Hence it is great and fun if we can upkeep our health by incorporating the simple, low-cost and yet effective ways.

Use the stair case : walk or jump using the staircase up to your bedroom, carrying weights if necessary to add toning leg muscles

Walking : Take the walk instead of the car to nearby places whenever possible as the exercise is good for the body and chances of meeting social acquaintances is great for the soul!

Push ups : This can be a strain but practice makes perfect and soon you will be rooting for it and probably showing off!

Jogging : Jogging is definitely great for your heart and if you practice zen jogging which is jogging naturally following your internal rhythms and matching your breaths with each steps will great joy as you seemed unstoppable and can run for miles and miles!

Leg lifts : Simple yet effective when lifting each or both legs whilst lying on your back and holding that 45 deg position for a long as you can. This will tone abs considerably and definitely makes for good body shape!

Squats : As long as you do repetitive squats, it will benefit your bums and legs.

Jumping : A great way to remind us of childhood fun as we stretched as much as we can and reach for the sky!

Basketball : there is something magical when we channel our resources to bouncing and throwing a ball thru the hoop. It is great for the soul as one trained to be as score points as possible and keeping the score!

One does not need expensive equipment or even cheap gym memberships to get an effective keep fit workout at home that is pumping our hearts, burn calories, stretching muscles and also to inculcate good breathing techniques and acquire Zen-like awareness during such simple steps above. Besides that, it saves us money paying gym fees and adds fun to daily life and beats sitting on our butts or surfing!

Keep Fit thru dancing :