Wobble Board- Effective Injury rehab home exercise equipment!

Wobble Board – Great home exercise equipment combined with home gym bar

What is a wobble board?


A piece of training equipment used to develop physical balance. It is primarily used to improve balance and reflexes and thus very useful in sport injury rehabilitation and prevention purposes.

wobble board

wobble board


Its construction usually is a 40cm diameter circular MDF board disk with non-slip top. The bottom side has a plastic hemisphere in the centre. This allows the board 360 degrees of movement.


Benefits of wobble board are many and some main ones listed below:

  • Improves agility for both static and dynamic balance
  • Reaction skills
  • Posture
  • Confidence
  • Sport performance
  • Injury rehab, for more read, <click here>
  • Physical therapy
  • Works hand in hand with gym bar to provide fuller range of exercise, fun as well as variety to normal home exercise routines!


Features of wobble board :


  • ·         Non impact exercise for both young and old


  • ·         Compact and handy, easy to carry


  • ·         Easy storage as small size and easily packed away


  • ·         Convenient for travel


  • ·         Can be multi-functional e.g. wobble board, slant board, foot rest and as well as a twist board
  • wobble board back-forth

    wobble board back-forth


wobble board rotation

wobble board rotation

slant board with leg

slant board with leg

Who can use wobble board?


  • ·         Track runners


  • ·         Surfers


  • ·         Dancers


  • ·         Skate boarders


  • ·         Etc


As the wobble board has universal appeal, it is a must have for all home, gyms, physiotherapy centers and old folks’ homes! It is a key home exercise equipment that is value for money but packs a great impact onto our home exercise routines.


Available in many colors and sizes, but the basic function is still fun equipment that brings health and rehab wherever needed. Get it in the nearest store or contact here for best results.


Happy exercising!

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