Stop smoking- how to begin

Stop smoking – steps to healthier lifestyle

A person stops smoking for his or her own reason. It’s not because the doctor said so, persistent advice from loved ones or the government campaigns. If that reasons rhymes in you, it’s that easy, it just clicks and thru personal awareness cancels out all other reasons why you should continue to smoke.

Why should you quit smoking?

1)   You can save money burning cigarettes in a year to buy a great smart phone or even a trip around the countryside!

2)   You will smell better, no more stinks in your clothes, room or car

3)   Feels better having kicked a nasty habit plaguing mankind for centuries

4)   Breathe easier and better without poisons entering your body anymore

5)   Live longer and more fun with your loved ones

6)   Away all heath and lung dis-ease and living in hospitals

7)   Prevents smoking secondary disease around you!

1)   Start to enjoy eat healthy foods and begin to live with a newfound freedom to improve your health is a great joy!


It is great to stop smoking but it comes with a price and a plan, failing which it is almost impossible to kick such a habit.

Hence before you decide to stop smoking it is wise to


1)   Write the reasons why you should stop smoking

2)   Write the reasons why you took up smoking

3)   Get professional help

4)   Get help from those around you by making an announcement of your intentions

5)   Think or delay lighting up a cigarette for a minute

6)   Have a nasty pic of diseased lungs or better still pile up your ashtray with your smoke ends and ashes until it’s obscenely massive to cut your urge to light up each time

It is very difficult to quit smoking but it helps if you try to be aware of the times when you subconsciously light up especially coffee breaks, after a meal, when a work problem shows up and once awared, take a moment to breathe in, think why you want to stop smoking for a minute, then do what you need to do.

That moment of awareness of why is what decides or breaks your intention to stop smoking.  It doesn’t matter how long you have taken up smoking or decided to stop smoking but that moment is what’s important.

No one forced you to take up smoking and in the same vein of thoughts no one forced you to stop smoking. In either case the factor is not outside or the environment but what thoughts you put inside your head. Figure this out and you will find the way out of this nasty habits!

Happy quit smoking!