Best Home Exercises

Best home exercises you can do at home

It’s no wonder that the best exercises at home are involved a wide range of our muscle group be it in endurance, cardio or in strengthening purpose. Better still if we don’t feel like going to the gym or paying steep gym membership fees.

Whatever our goals, it is important we get the most value out of our limited time, energy and resources committed to this endeavor. It would be ideal if we devoted at least 3 days in a week, say Monday, Wednesday and Friday allowing time for healing sores, if necessary and varying our intensity, range of exercises to ensure proper development.


Note everyone can spare the time and money in the gym and hence a home gym should suffice the simplest and best ways for exercises at home. Being at home does not in any way diminish the good and effective training effects. After all we still need to target the various muscle groups and full body routines in order to reap maximum benefits.

Some of the best home gym exercises as follows


·         Leg raising whilst lying on the floor.

The lying on the back allows one to raise one or both legs that impacts all the major muscles stressing on abdominal muscles, hip flexors and also the front of the thighs.

·         Push ups

Due to the position and the lifting of your upper body, this push up is an excellent prelude to working the chest muscles and upper arms.

·         Sit ups

Great for stomach muscles as this standard exercise crunches the abdominals. Very effective for all types of stages of training.

·         Jumping Jack

Effective in-between strength training for improving cardio thru keeping the heart pumping and burning calories.

·         Jumping squats

Simple 2 mins working is enough to challenge anyone and doing this will result in building speed.

·         Push up Declined

This variation push up exercise is excellent for pectoral muscle building up as this focuses on upper body.

·         Push up, inclined

Another variation of push up but this time it stress on the lower part of the chest.

Whatever exercises one find fit for the home exercise, pray do it ever so often in order to ensure repetition, intensity and frequency for personal health improvement.

Some videos can easily illustrate the home exercises involved: