Home workout routines

Gym-bar for home gym workouts

A good gym-bar has many functions and typically home workout routines using such a pull up bar helps

  • Build upper body strength
  • Improves core muscles
  • Burn large calories

There are many great variations of exercises for home gym fitness using a pull up bar such as follows:


pull up bar

This exercise focuses on your back and biceps. It is performed by a strong grip with palms facing you and allowing your entire body to hang. Start when the body is at the lowest point, straight done. Lift your chin above the top of the bar as you contract your biceps and slowly pull your body up.  Once your chin is over the bar, hold for 5 seconds before slowly lowering yourself down and repeat.

Hanging Knee Raises

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TBX Barre home gym equipment

This technique builds stomach or abs muscles and begins with holding the bar with shoulder-width grips. Hang from the bar with arms in straight line and the body hanging down. Then begin by contracting abs and hips in order to lift both knees up and close the distance to the chest. Then hold for 5 seconds before lowering the legs to the original straight down condition. Best done and great results generated by keeping both knees are raised equally high and performing sufficient repetitions to increase the intensity of the muscle development.

 Wide grip pullup

This exercise targets upper back and side ribs. This wide grip ensures your side ribs are taxed to max. Begin with a wider grip typically 2 times your shoulder width and then pulling your entire body up. Once you bring your chest close or even touch to the pull up bar, hold and then slowing lowering your body to starting point and then repeat this as many cycles as possible.

The above exercises are usually varied as necessary for different muscles and as such implementation and choice is a personal preference.