Home Gym Bar – uses and benefits

Home Gym Bar- Guide to basic home exercise equipment

Home gym bar consists of a metal bar attached to door frame or wall for low budget home exercise equipment. It is suitable for especially pull ups, chin ups and if augmented with other devices greatly enhances its usefulness and flexibility.

For the home user, a wall frame is more robust and hence preferred for resistance training and serious body building.

However many a home gym hobbyist does not value such serious training and hence a door frame is good enough for simple and yet effective cardio, resistance and mass muscling needs. It is not only cheaper but quality enough for home user needs.

The door frame gym bar consists of placing the metal rod between door frames on either side and held by screw or using the body weight as a jammer. The height is adjustable based on user requirements and height.

A useful add-on for the home gym bar is a attachment sling to allow for new grips and adds flexibility to the range of exercises performed. Hence the simple home gym bar usability is multiplied for both training requirements as well as adding fun and more intensified exercises.

A home gym bar is not just inexpensive but it allows for home gym and not gym memberships. This way a home gym is convenient eliminating travelling time, paying top dollar memberships fees, parking fees and queuing to use popular exercise equipment. Though you sacrifice the need for grouping and rely on self-will power and solitary efforts in order to achieve your health and body goals. It does not matter if you want to improve your cardio, add muscles, add resistance to your body or even add flexibility to your body, a home gym bar will satisfy your needs admirably though on a low cost.

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Home gym exercises : Benefits & Efficiency

Home gym exercises on a budget

Today one is spoilt for choice of gym exercise equipment in terms of cost, functions and variety. Even low-cost alternatives are available for the home gym that served the purpose of a great workout. Home exercise machines are usually portable be it placed in the garage, attic or even a ground level room. This advantage is such that it is so readily accessible that one simply can do a quick workout prior to beginning your work day!

Having a home gym allows for great convenience and aids in easy making a decision of start out of workout times since it is located in-house. In addition to that, one does not waste time putting on travel clothes, driving to the gym or taking a train-ride just to enjoy the benefits of exercise. What a waste of time, money and efforts.

Hence having a home gym equipment means no loss in time and this time can be fully utilised and allows a full 1 hour workout and the additional time helps to increase effectiveness, endurance and mastery of techniques and hence better than expected results.

Home gym equipment s available cardio, endurance or even muscular development such as abs and upper torso or simply a desirable healthy body. Manufacturers can offer different designs; level of workout required and even colors with attractive pricing to suit anyone’s budget.

Club sometimes offer second-hand equipment that are of top quality and suit most regular needs. Whatever it is, most home gym equipment requires a small working area but always keep in mind the main requisite of home exercises, that is, simplicity. One just needs a machine for normal routine exercise for specific requirements and since it is usually repetitive exercises, and boredom quickly sets in. Having a dedication and all out commitment to carry out without fail and yet having fun to fulfil one’s plan of healthy and beneficial exercising is necessary and thus this mind-set is equally critical component for achieving health goals. This is what counts when it comes to realizing one’s purpose in exercising.

Remember healthy exercises require a correct attitude and mindset and any workout must not be just physical but also promote a healthy mind and spirit. Then each workout becomes a welcome habit, something which one looks forward to each time, fun and also adds to our purpose to achieve one’s goals and aspirations in life.


Home gym bring more benefits!

In today’s hectic lifestyle, taking care of one’s body is critical, for both men and women alike. We normally began with a local gym membership but inadvertently due to problems at work, home or otherwise, failed to keep the necessary commitment, and in a matter of months, then ease back to old routines. It is for this precise reason, many an individual decides to train at home.

We begin our home gym by preparing the space available. Of course the area involved depends on the training and equipment sought for. Basic home gym equipment such as weights, bicycle and home gym bar 

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should suffice for most purposes. You probably require a small gym with 2 square meters but make sure the exercise you are performing is suitable and fit your purpose.

One major benefit of home exercise program is one can adjust each workout based on one’s available time and personal preference.

Another major advantage of home gym exercises is saving time and being able to perform training without queuing for others especially to use your favourite equipment, in your own comfort and without being judged by others. It allows us to test our physical limits and practice what gives us maximum results.

Of course with home gym, it is doubly imperative to apply our will power. It is determination that makes us start and more importantly continuing the gym exercise. Otherwise we end up without consideration and give up training after a few sessions.

To train at home, it is good to begin with standard weights to slow break out old habits and avoid undue stress and sufferings. It is better to avoid big mistakes that will hurt you in the long run.

To do trainings and exercises at home is not without its drawbacks, namely lethargy, boredom and lack of social contacts to share and learn from especially advices from gym supervisors.

Hence it is normal to intersperse and fun-up your exercises with outdoor activity like bicycling, rope skipping and jogging to break the boredom cycle.

It is helpful if the exercises performed are varied in terms of intensity, frequency to affect major body parts such as upper body, cardio, abs, endurance and muscles build-up.

In conclusion, whilst we are not preparing ourselves for Olympics, we still have the decision to make our choice of home gym equipment and exercises that meet our needs and end up with the health benefits, be it endurance, muscling or just being health and cheerful.