Best weight loss program

Best weight loss or best diet plan works only if you work!

The New Year 2013 beckons and if healthy diet to lose weight or healthy meals to lose weight is on your mind, you have come to the right forum. In the gorging of food feast come Christmas and New Year celebrations, it’s hard to hold our desires.

If you tried and failed to lose weight, don’t despair for many have suffered similar fate and more did not even start. Traditional diets do not work per se, after all the words diet does contain the dreaded abhorrent word we feared all our waking moments!

Of course there are many lose weight fast and easy programs and powerful ways to skirt around the common dieting non-start and non-working pitfalls. And they bring about the best diet plans as well as healthy foods to lose weight and success after all the hard work.

Natural weight loss program is simple yet hard to carry out. It involves carrying out a balance of common sense and desire. In simplistic terms it means if we consume more calories than we intake, we lose weight. Yet to be fair to our human nature, most good diet plans leave us starving, boggled and our lifestyle preferences all determined to pull the rug under our best efforts. Mostly they make us feel miserable and the hard choices leave us emotionally unstable and false start our best efforts thus losing the battle even before we began.

Most programs, beware the quickest way to lose weight, might not be suitable for you, however be aware of the following tips to achieve permanent weight loss:

  • Think small incremental lifestyle changes like the kaizen mindset. Make the program personal and be committed for life, nothing short of 100% commitment
  • Find positive support amongst friends or better still a support group for team effort is like a wire rope, individually each wire is easy to break but when bunched into 3 wires it becomes 10 times stronger and unbreakable!
  • Set  visible goals i.e. measurable and short-termed in order to see and gain confidence and motivated
  • Keep your spirits up thru meditation, mentally picturing success each wake up in the morning and night before you sleep

There are many ways to lose weight but only one result is sought and only you hold the key. The key is not to find the one that will work for you or find the best diet to lose weight, it is to find a program that works and if it works for him/her, it will work for you if you believe and never give up.

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May 2013 brings you a slimmer you and prosperity and more to come!

Gym bar: multi-purpose fitness gym equipment

Home Gym Bar : How to be fit for the new year 2013!

Usually fitted to any door frame to become your personal home gym equipment companion, a gym bar packs with potential to lead your personal journey towards health, well-being and pride.

Many exercises whether an hour or 10 mins, it allows for full body workouts that strengthens and develop one’s abs, shoulders, back and arm. It can combine multi-disciplinary fitness training from yoga, lajin, ballet, Pilates and even sports conditioning and stretching give exhilaration and fun experience that beats boredom, regimental routines, focused strength or just endurance trainings.

Ultimately simple yet comfortable in your home work-out wear, this fitness bar is a workout that’s refreshing, powered by your favorite music and yet allows flexibility for warm ups, strength, high intensity and stretching, strengthening and yet relaxing approach.

Designed for anyone in any fitness level, gymnastics bar is going strong yet simple enough to be popping any corner of your home or even the neighbourhood gym studios. It is definitely the most welcome relief for me end of work day as my health club at home to work out stress, worries and yet benefits the rehabilitation, recovery of many a soul without the pain and hassle of looking for parking, parking bills and bad weather!

Noteworthy home gym bar must include the following features

  • Easily mounted on any door frame
  • Durable and good grips for chin-ups and chin-ups
  • Preferably heavy gauge steel for your body
  • Quick and easy assembly

What are the benefits of gym bar Fitness?

  • Aids in shaping, toning and strengthening
  • Fully body workouts i.e. core muscles, upper body and cardio
  • Aids in alignment, stretching and posture
  • Increases stamina and vitality
  • Allows for body awareness in sync with mind and body

More videos on the power of home fitness bar

Gym Exercises – Year End Review

 How your 2012 gym exercises resolutions turn out?

This is the final 2 weeks before 2012 ends and hopefully totally unlike how the world ends up in the hit movie “2012”, and we ought to be proud of our achievements. Whether we achieved our gym exercises goals or not, it is a fact we are still alive and kicking and should be grateful for that.

Yes, this is the time of the year when we review our health goals, strategies, health tips  and improve our resolution for the year to come.

Year 2012 began with us sweating, exercising and running with newfound energy. We had a vision to lose weight, improve endurance, 6-abs and an overall feeling of done this, feel good factor.

Still 2013 beckons and we need to review if we have done right and what’s better than a checklist to ensure we step forward with confidence and belief:

  1. Do I have a goal specific, measurable and visual?
  2. Do I have a gym exercise routine, say thrice a week, mixture of cardio, strength and endurance exercises?
  3. Did I read a new book on health-related e.g. “The Smarter Science of Being Slim”? as part of commitment building and continuous learning?
  4. Change the background noise from the gym class by carrying your own iPod? And same time your overall mood?
  5. Take care of the gym equipment after use? It’s personal hygiene and it begins with you.
  6. If you are motivated consider buying a home gym bar, it does not use electricity, available anytime come rain or snow
  7. If the gym exercise is hard, it’s not effective. If you are relaxed and enjoying yourself, that’s the right thing to do. Best if done aware, i.e. conscious of each muscles, movement and breathe. That’s gym Zen exercise combined with tai-chi plus endurance training all combined into one. Not merely physical, it’s mental and also emotional workouts!
  8. If you are at the point where you need to outdoor, go ahead buy an actual mountain bike. It’s way more fun, exhilarating and fresh.
  9. There’s no cure but your undying commitment to do it slow, few but deliberate steps like the drummer to achieve what you want from your gym center.
  10. Never neglect the mental, emotional and motivation side during your gym workouts for once you lose your head, you lose the momentum to gym and that goes your plans for 2013!

Best wishes for 2013! Just Do It as Nike says….and some videos for your motivation :


High Blood Pressure – How to reduce thru Zen walking

One of the best ways to reduce blood pressure is Zen walking. It means we walk consciously-energetically-happily and we don’t stop (or at least minimum) and walk on with light touch on the feet and speed at corners and slow down when the front person is blocking. In other words we are walking consciously and aware of the thrill of slow walking or brisk walking, accelerating or even maintaining our speed. This state of consciousness, called Zen walking is the best feeling when one is walking and it’s effortless and relaxing. Try it and you can reduce blood pressure and yet stay healthy as a bonus!

Each day, whether one walks a 300 Meters or 2 Kilometers, one hoped to reach the end destinations as quickly and no fuss as possible. What’s more we have seen the benefits of walking whether in streets or in garden paths. There’s no shortage of entertainment on such walks in terms of adding a Walkman, smart phone or IPods or even public loud speakers blaring music, news and also laughter and conversations interspersed by others in the same neighborhood nearby.

Hence, this quest for health gain is never far from our mind. But is it easy? Every day we are bombarded with economic news, worries, catastrophes and sad social stories that sully our new day. Also we are told of devices that promise better yields, new equipment, add-ons or even new Hi-energy drinks as fuels but are we game enough to try or be subjected to ridicule for being cheated?

But as consumers, having good health is a necessity, what can we do about it? Unfortunately there is not much; unless we change our entire attitude towards adopting a healthy lifestyle and thus saving ourselves first. If one has the idea that let the others exercise whilst one stays a couch potato non-stop, think about it; all of us think the same way!

This blog is about how to reduce blood pressure but goes further to touch a heart or two that we better shape up to Mother Nature or face the music. Better do this and save a pile on your next medical bill, too.

Remember you cannot teach others how to save medical costs if you are not doing it yourself and worst still if you don’t know how to achieve better health yourself! After all, the best teacher is often the doer and teaches others to heed the call to action; otherwise one must expect private hospitals to impose higher consultation fees, higher cost of drugs and higher medical bills for our poor health lifestyle habits.

For more health tips on how to enjoy the pleasure of walking and other exercises to enhance health, start your own home health regime using this great homegym equipment lajin bar or even this book, “Brain Wave Vibration” offers some unique home remedy exercises.

Feel free to pass this article tip or www.homegym-bar website to your friends to improve health results. Do your part and let good Karma be your reward.

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