Health Tip: Brain Wave Vibration for health improvement

In doing research sometimes we come across simple yet effective health tips for improving body-mind healing and this time we have discovered a great gem. This refers to Brain Wave Vibration, a technique pioneered by Iichi Lee, a Korean, and founder of the International Brain Education Association and winner of various awards, that has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands across many countries. It’s the wave sweeping the world with home exercises that combine ancient healing traditional practices augmented with modern scientific understanding of the role of the human brain.

Brain wave vibration

Brain Wave Vibration


Ilchi Lee preaches this simple truth through his book, “Brain Wave Vibration”, and says it’s time to go back to basics natural therapy. It’s a call to action, to uncover the vast possibilities of the human brain and provided anecdotes of world-wide participants who experienced quick relief from high stress, high blood pressure, constant and persistent headaches, fibromyalgia, lethargy, ill health and lack of focus.  To get this book, “Brain Wave Vibration” <click here> and get this modern marvelous benefits health improvement program today!

It is about easy-to-follow physical exercises you can perform anytime, anywhere, especially in homegym or training space. It can be performed standing up, lying down or even at working station or watching television. People of various health ailments and conditions are able to perform these health improvement exercises as it doesn’t involve any particular gym equipment e.g. gym bar but your own body and your own time. It involves holistic body-brain healing methodology that will bring both into balance for inner peace, higher energy and ultimately health and happiness.

It’s about moving and shaking your body in according to its internal rhythm and includes achieving and then slowing down the motions, increasing the awareness of energy, feelings and at same time activating the senses thru-out the entire person.

It takes a few minutes involving a few exercise techniques and the following is a good example of it.

These home exercises are enhanced thru music, preferably rhythmic and heavy drum beats and an environment of quietness and relaxation. The keyword is learning how to move your body to an internal natural rhythm in order to slow down and then unleash your body’s internal healing mechanism to do what it does best.

The end results will be as follow:

  • Increased personal vitality
  • Managed stress
  • Stimulate own natural healing powers
  • Awareness of own energy
  • Awaken creative potential
  • Better health,
  • Higher energies

More info and ideas can be gotten from the following sites and videos

Home-gym equipment: Your best health weapon

It’s great to listen to health tips and make a strong decision to do what we can for ourselves and not wait for the doc to tell us the bad news and what you can do for yourself. But it’s only great advice. We know health is important: to be healthy is the most important attribute for anyone. Without health; there can be neither wealth nor happiness but a life of hopelessness, loneliness and dependency upon others.

However we only pay lip service to exercising our body and mind, despite various exhortations from parents, friends, governments, doctors and public health organizations. Hear today, gone tomorrow! It is so hard to follow, do the boring exercises, meditate and think positively all the time.

Hence this is where the home-gym takes place. Why at home? Simple, we don’t have to waste time looking for parking space, waste time travelling to and fro the gym, search for a good health guru and pay exorbitantly monthly fees, face traffic jams, crowds or weather be it rain, snow or hot.

Having our own home exercise equipment gives us no reason to raise blame on others but ourselves, giving excuses of no time or money and justify our inertness to move our butts.

In the end it boils down to us taking self responsibility for our health and life.  Life is always about taking self-responsibility and when you do that, you face the world confidently, without fear, knowing you’ll do your personal best and set a good example for others to follow and you’ll speak with conviction, honesty and purpose.

It is the reason great Leaders start the day with a healthy dose of exercises, clean air to heal both physically, mentally and spiritually. Why not follow these people and give yourself a head-start from today onwards?

Why not emulate these leaders and be faithful to your health and begin to enjoy the day instead of dragging your body thru the day and coming home tired, angry and stop there?

Begin with owning a simple home exercise equipment like the TBX Barre or known as lajin bar as a start. It heralds the beginning of great days to come as this website is about healing, banishing fears and manifesting our health and dreams.

This website offers health tips, health facts and promotes health awareness as key to enjoying life, abundant thinking and sharing of resources, books and experiences.

Health tip : Introduction to Physical Exercise Training

When situation arises and you have already made up your mind and decide to add some massive muscles to your body, you’ll experience a whole new world. Going and travelling to the gym or contemplating doing physically heavy exercises in your own house is just not that easy. Serious considerations and decisions should be taken care first. This health article will help you in your new journey on key how’s and what’s on adding rippling muscle to your lovely body.

What are the most common things or phrases you will encounter when you initially begin this great adventure? The most common talked activities are strength training, resistance training, reps and tempo and lately HIIT High Intensity Interval Training as espoused by Jonathan Bailor, author of “The Smart Science of Being Slim”.

Strength training may at first glance, appear similar to the rest, but always remember that they are not the same. This physical exercise merely focuses on increasing your muscular strength and size of course, if you cared only these, great, go ahead!

Resistance training is also common practice in this exciting field. This requires application of elastic or hydraulic resistance to contraction besides gravity. A rep i.e. repeats is the term used for the number of times you have to complete a certain specific routine. Whereas tempo refers to the speed in which you have completed a certain strength training exercise.

There seem a lot of considerations for anyone who just started exercising. Remember these considerations are key essential decisions to avoid accidents and personal injuries. It is normal to being simple small exercises that start with low weight trainings. The considerations should be structured and avoid confusion. Common sense dictate that one should not go full force in every training and thereby opens up muscular and tissue damage, sometimes serious. The end result is you end up in trouble and suffer irreparably injuries, something opposite of your original intention.

It is a health tip that a new trainee should seek help from a professional trainer or even medical examination. It requires some expenses but better be safe than sorry. Having a trainer at hand solves many confusion as all the trainings can be tailor-made to suit for the fullest benefits and maximises results. Of course, if a trainee does his own research well, he/she can still attain the physique or 6-pack without a trainer. You can always seek health advice when you visit the gym and making sure the proper techniques and steps are done in according to your ability and requirement.

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