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Home gym equipment : TBX Barre adds excitement & fun to exercises

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TBX Barre

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Health tips : Full range of stretch, pull, push & lift exercises

Total body exercises begin here for weight loss, gain fitness

homegym-bar exercises for health and fitness

TBX Barre home gym equipment

Continuous pushing the limits!
By utilising your own body weight and the support of TBX Barre,you can perform slow,controlled movements,to high energy,explosive movements.


Lajin posture for front legs

Lajin stretch, pull front pose for endurance

 Turn Your Space into Health Equipment Training Center!

The exercises focus on cardio, strength, flexibility, balance and involved all muscles in upper body, core and lower body



homegym-bar book libraryGet your own personal body building & health library of e-books here. Names submitted are private will not be sold to 3rd party.

This is a 4-in-1 exercise device where boot camp exercises, ballet, yoga and pilates meet. All exercises can be done at the comfort of your home.

The results are a lean, long, toned, flexible and healthy body with good postures.

Basic Home gym Equipment Exercises using TBX BARRE

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homegym-bar lajin standing stretch

lajin standing stretch

homegym bar lajin squat

lajin squat



1 leg front raise

1 leg front raise

one leg back raise

one leg back raise


row pose


hang loose

knee hip raise

knee hip raise

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